Complex Abdominal Wall Surgery

Complex abdominal wall surgery is typically used to correct weaknesses that have been created due to the treatment of a number of different abdominal conditions. These include:

  • Abdominal hernia removal

  • Abdominal wall tumors

  • Recurrent incisional hernias

  • Repairing split stomach muscles – a common side effect of pregnancy

  • As part of an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) which has required you to have the abdominal wall muscles tightened

In some cases, they may also be used to treat weaknesses that have been created by open wounds that have not been resolved using other types of treatment or surgery. Your abdominal wall surgery may be performed as part of your original treatment, or as a standalone procedure that is carried out after your recovery from the initial treatment.

What does complex abdominal wall surgery involve?

Exactly what will happen in your abdominal wall surgery will depend on the damage that your abdomen has sustained and what repairs are required. This is often affected by the type of problem that you have experienced. For example, removal of a small hernia may only leave a minor wound that needs little attention. However, the removal of a large hernia may necessitate much more of the abdominal wall being affected, and therefore much more significant restoration may be required.

Our surgical team will be able to talk you through exactly what is required and what will happen during your surgery. However, the procedure typically involves making incisions in the abdomen, mobilizing the abdominal muscles and moving them as required to reshape the abdominal wall. In doing so, the repair is much more dynamic and closer to the natural configuration of the abdomen, rather than a basic “patch up” of the weakened area.

However, since the procedure itself is so specialized, it should only be performed by the most skilled and experienced surgeons. Patients with complex abdominal conditions often require care from a range of specialists. This means that if you have been recommended to consider abdominal wall surgery, you will certainly want to seek out the best possible professionals to complete your procedure.

How to find a competent surgical team for your complex abdominal wall surgery

Since this type of surgery requires a specialized approach to your care, your procedure will likely be carried out by a specialist plastic surgeon as well as a general surgeon, working together to ensure you have the best possible outcome from your abdominal wall repair.

Undergoing any type of surgery can be a daunting prospect, but this is especially true when you know that the procedure you require is more complex. Therefore, to help reduce your anxiety and enable you to feel calm and in safe hands, we strongly recommend that you invest time and energy into finding the best surgical team that you can for your complex abdominal wall surgery.

Working partnerships

Many types of illness and injury require multi-faceted care, and this means that there is a good chance that your general surgeon has paired up with a plastic surgeon before and established a good working relationship. Therefore, many patients will happily take the recommendation of a surgical team from their doctor or general surgeon.

Nevertheless, you should still research and meet the surgeons for yourself to ensure that you feel reassured that your procedure will be performed by someone who has the high level of skill and experience that the surgery requires.

Some of our top tips for finding and vetting a great surgeon include:

  • Asking for recommendations.

  • Check the surgeon’s credentials. Where did they train? Are they licensed within your state? Are they board certified? Do they have any disciplinary actions listed against them?

  • Arrange a consultation and ask them plenty of questions about their experience and skills. This could include how many abdominal wall surgeries they have performed; how many have been successful and how they handle cases that may not go perfectly to plan.

  • Assess their bedside manner. While personality isn’t everything, a compassionate and reassuring surgeon is often much more pleasant. Nevertheless, if you have to choose between a nice surgeon and one who is highly skilled, opt for the one with the greatest amount of expertise and experience.

If you require complex abdominal wall surgery, the surgical team at Laparoscopic Surgical Center of New York have extensive skill and capability necessary to ensure that your procedure is performed to the highest standards possible. To schedule your consultation, please call our office today at 212-879-6677.