At the Laparoscopic Surgical Center of New York, we have a unified philosophy to treat our patients as we would treat our family. Our doctors work together to determine the best techniques for each surgical patient. We work arduously to help our patients feel comfortable and achieve the gratifying results they deserve.
Patient 1: The doctors are first rate in terms of surgery and particularly laparoscopic. Mark Reiner, M.D.: It's important that a group has a unified philosophy, and our philosophy has always been that patients count, do good surgery, don't operate on anyone that you wouldn't do the same thing to a member of your family, give them your cell phone number if they need it, take care of them, make sure that the result is good. Patient 2: He gave his personal cell phone number to myself, to my parents, and we have a very close family. I'm very close to both of my siblings and he even gave it to them. Brian Jacob, M.D.: It's not uncommon to see the four of us in the operating room together helping each other out to make sure that that patient's outcome is optimized. Brian Katz, M.D.: We try and promote a professional attitude to our patients. We are dedicated to patient care. Anthony Vine, M.D.: So we like to have that same gratification for ourselves that I think the patient is feeling once they have the procedure that fixes the problem.

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