Why laparoscopic surgery is better than open surgery

Posted on 2017/09/22 by Dr. Anthony Vine

For hundreds of years, open surgery has been used to treat a wide variety of injuries and illnesses, from relatively minor conditions to emergency life or death situations.

However, throughout the last few decades, advances in both the technology and techniques used in surgery have led to the creation and evolution of a newer, more innovative treatment, known as laparoscopic surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery is now being used for more varieties of surgery than ever before, and it is extremely popular due to the advantages that is offers over conventional open surgery.

Advantages of laparoscopic surgery

Fewer risks and complications with Laparoscopic Surgery

Conventional, open surgery requires the surgeon to make a large incision in to the affected area. Not only does this provide access for the surgery to be performed, but it also allows your surgeon to thoroughly evaluate the area around the surgery site, checking for anything that may cause complications to arise. 

However, in laparoscopic surgery there is no need to make a large incision. Instead, the laparoscope itself – a thin tube with a light source and camera – can be inserted into a much smaller, keyhole-sized incision, and maneuvered around, so that the surgeon can see inside the body. 

Smaller incisions:

  • Reduce the likelihood of infection, because the delicate tissue inside the body is not exposed to potentially contaminated air inside the operating room for a long period of time like it is in open surgery.
  • Require less sutures to close it. This reduces the likelihood of complications from the wound, which are common in open surgery.

Faster recovery with Laparoscopic Surgery

Another key advantage that laparoscopic surgery has over open surgery is the dramatically reduced recovery time. Patients who opt for laparoscopic surgery wherever possible can expect to be able to return to work and their usual activities much faster than those have had conventional surgery. They are also more likely to return home the same day as their surgery, although they will almost certainly need to be driven and accompanied by a friend or family member. 

Less pain with Laparoscopic Surgery

The smaller wound created in laparoscopic surgery means that patients almost always experience much less pain during the recovery period after their procedure.

This means that they are less reliant on pain medications, and they will be able to get moving around much faster. Less pain also means a better psychological recovery from the surgery, with the patient being less worried about being in pain when moving around or performing certain activities. 

A better cosmetic result with Laparoscopic Surgery

Smaller incisions will leave a much smaller scar than those made in conventional surgeries. While the cosmetic result of the surgery may not be a significant priority, it can be an important aspect for some patients, particularly if the procedure is being carried out in a highly visible place on the body.


With so many advantages compared to open surgery, it is little wonder that laparoscopic surgery is being requested now more than ever. To find out if the surgery that you need can be performed laparoscopically, or to discover more about the benefits of laparoscopic surgery, contact our office today. 

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