The Benefits of Undergoing Ambulatory Outpatient Surgery

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Posted on 2015/03/16 by Brian Jacob M.D.

About Outpatient/Ambulatory Surgery

Outpatient surgery, also known as ambulatory surgery, simply refers to surgeries in which patients are able to return home after a procedure rather than remain in a hospital for monitoring. Some people refer to this as same-day surgery as well.

Keep in mind that ambulatory surgery does not mean that a patient is able to return to work after the procedure, but rather than the patient can rest in the comfort of their own home. Patients will still need to refrain from strenuous physical activities and do as their surgeon advises.

Examples of Outpatient Surgeries

Some examples of outpatient surgery include the following:

  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Arthroscopic surgery
  • Certain ophthalmic surgeries
  • Minimally invasive ear, nose, and throat surgeries
  • Certain kinds of dental/oral surgery
  • Minor cosmetic plastic surgery procedures

During your consultation with your surgeon, you will learn more about the nature of your surgery and whether or not it is an outpatient procedure.

Outpatient Surgery Benefit #1: Comfort

One of the most notable benefits of outpatient surgery is comfort. Rather than remain in the hospital hooked up to machine to monitor vitals for a night or a few nights, patients will instead be able to return to their own home and rest in bed. Many patients find that resting at home is much more comfortable and less stressful than remaining in a hospital, even if the hospitalization is just overnight.

Generally a loved one should be present for a day or a few days in order to help with basic needs as a patient recovers.

Outpatient Surgery Benefit #2: Cost

Perhaps the biggest benefit of outpatient surgery is that it costs less that a surgery that requires post-operative hospitalization. Same-day surgery does not require any hospital time, and even just an overnight stay at a hospital can be extremely expensive. So not only are ambulatory surgery patients more comfortable, they also wind up saving a considerable sum of money.

Outpatient Surgery Benefit #3: General Convenience

Related to the two other benefits above, ambulatory surgery winds up being quite convenient for patients and their loved ones. Resting at home and saving money is helpful, and there's a general convenience when it comes to payment of surgery and the recovery process.

With regard to the recovery process in particular, outpatient procedures are usually less invasive, meaning that patients will heal faster and return to normal activities sooner so long as they carefully follow all instructions for post-operative care.

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