Recovering From Weight Loss Surgery: What to Expect

Posted on 2022/05/04 by Laparoscopic Surgical Center

Weight loss surgery is an effective way of quickly losing extra pounds. If you consider going through the procedure, you should expect drastic results. Apart from the physical body change, you should expect more during your recovery. Read on to find out more.


Possible Side Effects

Weight loss surgery has potential side effects. Some patients end up experiencing complications after weight loss surgery. Less than five percent experience severe complications. It is essential to check in with your doctor at Laparoscopic Surgical Center if have issues that concern you.

Below are some of the side effects experienced:


  • Gall stones - About 15 percent to 25 percent of gastric bypass surgery patients remove their gallbladders due to gallstones. Gallstones often occur after drastic weight loss

  • Constipation - Your doctor will advise you on how to handle the problem

  • Wound infections - You may have symptoms such as pain, redness, pus, or warmth at the surgical site. You may need antibiotics to fight the infection and, in some cases, further surgery

  • Dumping syndrome - You can experience weakness, nausea, and vomiting after eating meals with a lot of sugar after the procedure

  • Blood clots - Frequent activity and the use of blood-thinning drugs can help prevent its occurrence

  • Leaks - If you get leaks within days of the surgery, call your doctor right away

  • Blood in your stool - If your excrement appears reddish or black, rush to an emergency room for help


Health Benefits


Most people who go through weight loss surgery experience its health benefits immediately. For example, if you have diabetes, the condition may improve immediately. The same is true for arthritis, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and other health conditions.


Weight Loss

It is essential to talk to your doctor to know what weight to expect. What you currently weigh and the type of weight loss surgery you get will determine the number of pounds you will shed. Most patients who get sleeve gastrectomy lose up to 40 percent of their extra weight. People who get gastric bypass surgery lose 60 percent on average.


Lifestyle Changes

Weight loss surgery produces dramatic results. However, you will need to make lifestyle changes to maintain the results and avoid adding weight. Below are some tips you should expect to follow:


  • Eat small portions frequently - Weight loss surgery leaves a small stomach that cannot hold too much food. Eating large portions of meals can lead to problems

  • Exercise - Your doctor can advise you on the easy workouts for a start. It is also ideal to have a trainer or a therapist to ensure accountability, discipline, and commitment

  • Proper nutrition - You can get help from a nutritionist to ensure you eat well-balanced nutritious meals that will help you maintain your weight


Relationship and Self-image Changes

Losing weight can influence your relationships. For example, if you used to go out with your friends to eat and drink, you will need to use other ways of socializing that are not solely food-related. Changes from the surgery can impact your self-image. You will need moral support and people to walk you through discovering and embracing your new lifestyle and identity.

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