Is Robotic Surgery Safe?

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Posted on 2021/08/02 by Laparoscopic Surgical Center of New York

Advances in surgical technology give patients improved surgery experiences. Robotic surgery, also known as robot-assisted surgery, refers to surgical procedures performed using robotic systems. 

The surgical system comes with specialized “arms” to hold the instruments, a camera, and a magnifying screen and console. Robotic surgery has been around for about three decades, and it has many benefits in the medical field. You can find out about the safety of robotic surgery.


Minimally Invasive Surgery

There is a good reason most patients today are opting for minimally invasive procedures. Minimally invasive surgery means that the incisions are much smaller and there is less bleeding and scarring. 

The risk of infection is drastically reduced. This also means shorter hospital stays and faster recovery, and the patient can return to normal life much sooner. Robotic surgery is often minimally invasive, making it quite safe.


How Robotic Surgery Works

Surgeons use the robotic system to make tiny incisions in the body. The surgeon controls the system’s mechanical arm, which has surgical instruments attached. The surgeon will perform the procedure from a computer console with the help of a magnified, high-definition view. 

Looking at the surgical site in 3-D, the surgeon can lead the team assisting in the procedure. The surgeon is in control of manipulating the surgical system responding to his directions. In some cases, skin incisions may not be required during the robotic procedure. 


Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Using the robotic system improves precision, control, and flexibility. The surgeons can view the site much better during the procedure. Using the system, they can perform complex and delicate procedures that may be impossible or difficult using traditional techniques. 

Better visualization allows surgeons to perform operations more precisely, with greater dexterity and range of motion. The surgery results in less pain, less blood loss, and a reduced risk of infection. Robotic surgery makes it possible to perform minimally invasive procedures.


Conditions Treated With Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery can treat a wide range of conditions. These include 

  • General surgery.

  • Heart surgery.

  • Endometriosis.

  • Colorectal surgery.

  • Gynecologic surgery.

  • Thoracic surgery.

  • Head and neck surgery.

  • Urologic surgery. 

You must realize that robotic surgery can only be performed by a surgeon who has the proper training. Robotic surgery is not available in some medical centers in many locations.


Is Robotic Surgery Safe?

Just like all types of surgery, robotic surgery involves some risks. There is a minimal risk of infection and other surgery complications, so experts agree that robotic surgery is safe. Quality and safety are a central part of the training process. 

Surgeons who use the system are highly trained and skilled in what they do. It is also important to realize that a robot will not be making decisions or performing the surgery. A surgeon will be controlling the robot and directing the entire procedure. Robotic surgery may not be an option for everyone, so it is vital to consult your doctor. 

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