Hernia Collaboration Arrives in NYC

Posted on 2015/02/19 by Brian Jacob M.D.

Optimizing Patient Outcomes Is Paramount

Optimizing patient outcomes after hernia repairs depends on variables related to a) the surgical technique, b) the patient, and c) the implantable devices chosen. A surgeon's technique and mesh selection used to repair hiatal, inguinal, and ventral hernias is as paramount as are the patient-specific variables, education, and postoperative care plans. Recent deliberations from the International Hernia Collaboration group have taught us that robotic-assisted hernia techniques are emerging and gaining traction. Early adopters of robotics applaud the robot's enhanced and enabling technical simplicity, feasibility, visibility, and ergonomics, while skeptics raise concern over costs and other limitations when compared to current laparoscopic and open techniques.

By bringing together both hernia experts and robotic experts, this unique conference will highlight and discuss the emerging robotic hernia techniques as well as the corresponding current laparoscopic and open approaches for each hernia disease. Focus will be placed not only on surgical technique, but also on the importance of patient selection, postoperative care, complication management, and outcome tracking.

By bringing hernia experts and robotic experts together for the first time, Dr. Brian Jacob is organizing the first ever consensus conference to discuss the use of robotic technology for hernia repairs. See facultySee AGENDA

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