5 Best Tips to Help You Mentally Prepare for Weight-Loss Surgery

Posted on 2021/04/21 by Laparoscopic Surgical Center of New York

Have you tried a significant weight-loss regimen involving a strict diet and rigorous exercise but failed? Weight-loss surgery is a great alternative to help you shed those pounds and avoid obesity-related health problems. Having this kind of treatment is a huge step for many. It's a major operation, so adequate preparation is crucial. Being well prepared will help reduce your stress and make you much more likely to maintain your ideal weight over the long term.

Here's how you can mentally equip yourself for the surgery:


Manage Your Expectations


One of the keys to your weight-loss surgery's success is understanding what is and isn't a reasonable outcome. Like most treatments, this procedure will affect each patient differently. Besides, the operation is not a cosmetic procedure. Instead, it's a medical tool for losing weight. Understand that you will not lose much weight during the surgery itself. Instead, you will get the desired outcome from the lifestyle changes you are willing to make. After the procedure, it generally takes several months to achieve the results you want. 


Understand the Possible Complications


Like any medical procedure, weight-loss surgery has risks. Each type of weight-loss surgery can result in significant weight loss within just a few years. However, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The potential complications associated with each procedure should not scare you. Taking the necessary steps to prepare will help you deal with the treatment process and promote a better outcome. 


Prepare for the Potential Costs


Expect that weight-loss surgery will involve considerable costs. This is especially true if you're choosing to undergo an intensive type of procedure. The total cost generally depends on several factors, including fees for the surgeon and hospital. Including the surgery itself and all associated pre-op and post-op costs, the total average price is estimated at between $7,500 and $45,000. That range may seem expansive, but many factors come into play.  Your surgery’s costs will depend primarily on the kind of procedure you receive and how successful it is. 


You Don't Have to Go Through It Alone


Many patients fear that weight-loss surgery is something they have to face all by themselves. But you don't have to go through the process alone. Try to involve your loved ones as much as possible, as they will be in a position to assist and support you. The lifestyle changes involved in your treatment require a period of adjustment. Don't limit your support network to the relationships you have with your fitness instructors, dieticians, and mental health professions. Seek help from support groups and classes, too. 


Do Your Research


It is hard to know for sure what to expect when it comes to preparing for a major operation. That's why you need to do as much research as possible. Learn as much as you can about the different types of weight-loss surgery procedures. Ensure that your potential plastic surgeon is qualified, and the surgery center is well equipped for your procedure. Find out what the process entails and how you can best prepare for it physically and mentally. 


Do you have questions or concerns about weight-loss surgery? Our experts in the Laparoscopic Surgical Center of New York will help you make an informed decision on your treatment.


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